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The Ultimate Fully Managed Azure Experience

Unleash the Power of Fully Managed Azure: Achieve Cost Control, Rapid Deployment, Resource Consistency, and Enhanced Security as You Scale Your Cloud Operations.

Modern cloud managed services

Our modern managed services provide value by helping you in identifying opportunities and risks and guiding you through the digital transformation journey. We offer support and managed services that help you operate more efficiently in the cloud, while maximizing your investments.

AzureAMAZE: Seepath's comprehensive cloud managed services

Azureamaze provides our customers with a one-of-a-kind cloud management experience by combining seepath's extensive azure experience with the power of the azure cloud platform, cloud governance framework, tools, and methodologies. Customers can use azureamaze services to quickly enable and operate an Azure cloud environment optimized for speed, performance and business agility, allowing them to innovate faster while maintaining control over cost, compliance, and security.

  • Security & Compliance: An all-encompassing security framework for securing and protecting your company's assets.

  • Azure Cloud Governance: Establish security and identity baselines, optimize and control cloud spend, and ensure resource consistency.

  • Modernization: Drive app modernization to respond to market dynamics more quickly.

  • Unlock Innovation: Leverage modern cloud services to create new products and services more quickly.

IT Operations management OMS

Best Value

  • Azure Well-Architected" Review for Operational Excellence
  • Monthly/Quarterly Analysis of your SecureScore and Cloud Spend.
  • Cloud Advisory & Modernization Consulting.
  • Cost Reduction Strategies using Hybrid Use Benefits, Reservations and Savings Plan
  • Regulatory Compliance (SOC 2, HIPAA, etc.) Assessment to Mitigate Risks of Non-Compliance.

Ultimate Support for Peace of Mind

  • Azure Billing & Subscription Management.
  • Unlimited Proactive and Incident Support.
  • Prioritized Microsoft Support Escalation.
  • Enhanced security measures, including threat detection, response and mitigation through Microsoft Defender for Cloud and Microsoft Sentinel.

Rich Capabilities

  • Priotize on comprehensive security and optimal performance.
  • Harness automation to accelerate deployments at scale.
  • Expert advice with round the clock support helpdesk.
  • Continous Focus on Cloud Optimization & Innovation

AzureAmaze - Unparalleled value at every stage of Cloud Operations Management.

monitor resources


End-to-End resource health and performance monitoring, alert management and rapid response to events

managed resources


Cloud resources provisioned and well-managed with latest OS updates and patch management

secure resources


Comprehensive security that protects your hybrid cloud powered by Azure security, Defender and Azure sentinel

azure resource management


Establish resource consistency, cost accountablity, security policies aligned with corporate policy.

Seepath is a Microsoft Direct Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) that acts as a single point of contact for all Microsoft licensing, and Azure managed services. This direct partnership enables us to offer fully managed service with extremely flexible terms, allowing you to avoid long-term commitments, and freely move across environments. With our CSP services, you simply pay for what you use.

We offer a comprehensive set of managed services to help you make the most out of your cloud investments by delivering a solid cloud foundation that is optimized not only for performance and reliability but also for innovation and growth.

Lower IT Spend

  • Maintain a cost-optimized environment to avoid unnecessary cloud consumption and overspending.
  • We help you maximize your cost savings by taking advantage of Azure reserved capacity and Azure hybrid use benefits.

Proactive monitoring

  • Our Azure certified engineers proactively monitor your environment to detect and prevent problems before they occur.
  • Free your IT to focus on business-critical tasks while we keep the lights on your data and infrastructure.

Preventive Maintenance

  • Our cloud engineers will perform preventive maintenance tasks on a regular basis, utilizing best-in-class tools such as Azure Monitor and System Center, as well as automation.
  • Ensure that your cloud environment is highly performant and reliable.

Optimized cloud

  • Implement cloud optimization and governance controls to ensure resource consistency, application uptime and performance, cost management, security, and compliance.
  • Realize the full potential of the cloud - increased scalability, elasticity, and agility.

Hybrid Cloud Security

  • Our cloud security engineers assess your current security posture, identify gaps, and implement end-to-end security to detect, protect, and respond to threats as they emerge.
  • Stay ahead of attackers with Azure defender and Azure sentinel-powered extended detection and response (XDR) and cloud-native SIEM capabilities.

Incident Support

  • Gain from the knowledge and experience of a team of Cloud Engineers that help with problem resolution for both cloud and on-premise environments, with tiered support.
  • Have a peace of mind knowing that we are there when you need us the most.

Microsoft Licensing

  • Purchase and manage all Microsoft cloud licensing, including Azure, Dynamics 365, Microsoft 365, and Software.
  • Combine Microsoft licensing with cloud solutions, and advisory services for value add.

Advisory Services

  • Consult with our cloud solutions architects to develop a cloud adoption strategy that is tailored to your specific business needs.
  • Modernize and implement microsoft cloud technologies to gain competitive advantage.

With Seepath Azure Managed Services, rest assured that your Azure environment is well-managed and secured by our Azure experts 24x7.

Depending on where you are in your Azure journey, we offer a breadth of managed services and hybrid cloud solutions to meet your needs and help you make the most of your cloud investments.

Leverage AzureAmaze: Your Trusted Partner in Your Cloud Journey.

Make use of azureamaze, seepath's all-encompassing cloud managed services to accelerate your digital transformation journey today.

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