Migrate and Secure your Critical Workloads to Azure seamlessly with Seepath's Azure Advisor-a Microsoft-funded engagement. Learn More

Comprehensive Security and Cloud Advisor Programs

Microsoft-Funded Advisor Programs: Optimize and Secure Your Network Infrastructure Today, Seamlessly Transition to the Cloud When You're Ready.

Security and Optimization Advisor Program

Discover peace of mind with our Security and Optimization Advisor program, specially designed to help you identify and remediate security vulnerabilities within your current network infrastructure. This initiative doesn't stop at security alone; it also evaluates your current server utilization, recommends performance optimization strategies, offers insights into hardware/software end-of-life support, and more. As a testament to our commitment, this program is funded by Microsoft, ensuring you have the support you need.

Azure Assessment: Your Migration Readiness Partner

Embrace a seamless transition to the cloud with our Azure Assessment program. Our experts are dedicated to helping you navigate the journey to Azure. With a focus on comprehensive analysis, we'll work closely with you to prepare a thorough Azure migration readiness assessment. Whether it's optimizing your existing environment or identifying the best path for migration, our goal is to set you up for success.

Migrate to cloud with confidence.

Our cloud migration assessment and POC services are designed to help you take the guess work out of the Azure migration.

  • Analyze your digigal estate including applications, data, and network infrastructure
  • Identify the application and network dependencies
  • Evaluate current security posture.
  • Build a business case for Azure migration with TCO and ROI cost-benfit analysis
  • Receive a cloud migration plan to help you migrate your workloads to azure with confidence
  • Get azure credits to run a proof of concept (POC) for free.

Network security and optimization advisor engagement

Get insights and concrete recommendations on how to standardize, optimize, and secure your server and database infrastructure in a matter of 1-3 days.

Reduce costs, elevate security and optimize server performance and seamlessly pave the way for the cloud in the future.

This engagement is funded by Microsoft and Seepath so you can get started for free. Download the One Pager below to learn more about this engagement.

bloc64 network security and optimization advisor

Security and Optimization Advisor Program Benefits


  • Current resource consumption
  • Tailor-fit solutions based on actual resource usage


  • Reduce cores, RAM, and leverage instance pooling
  • Ways to re-engineer, re-platform, and modernize


  • Top-down overview of standardization and current support status of servers and databases


  • Application, Database & Virtualization risks with remediation recommendations

At our core, we provide a holistic approach that allows you to optimize and secure your existing infrastructure today. When the time is right for you, our seamless migration assistance ensures a smooth transition to the cloud. You'll have the advantage of leveraging Microsoft-funded support combined with our expert insights to drive your business forward.

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