RMA Manager

for Dynamics CRM 2011 Online & On-premise


Empower your Engineering and Support team to handle all the product repairs and replacement processes right within CRM 2011. “RMA manager” enable companies (Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Distribution, Electronics, Hi-Tech, Whole sales & Retail) to efficiently manage the RMA. You will be able to:



    • Create, track and resolve the RMA against a unit.

    • Capture the Product, Product Serial Number, Support Contract information, Replacement Unit as well as the RMA assessment information.

    • Automatically open RMA from a Case record. 

    • When the RMA is complete, CRM will cancel the current contract line associated with the Unit and replace with a new contract line. 

    • You also have the option to update the existing contract line instead of creating a new one.

    • Generate RMA report based on serial number, product, contract and customer etc.,

    • You can then create a RMA dashboard that will help you with insights into the faulty units. 

    • RMA Manager can be integrated with Seepath Customer Portal that will allow your clients to view the Case and RMA status information real-time.

Product Screeshots:

Create RMA from Case  Close RMA  Update Contrac
Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Online dashboard  Resolve RMA for CRM 2011 RMA Complete for Dynamics CRM 2011